What is a Manifestation Determination? Why does it matter?

I am a big believer that you can manifest anything. Read the Alchemist, or the Help, and learn what I mean in detail. But in short, you can create whatever you are thinking. So you determinate to manifest your desire. Actually, the term “Manifestation Determination” is used more often. So what is a Manifestation Determination? Why does it matter?

When a child with a disability behaves so badly that the school would like to remove the child, the school must officially determine if the child’s behavior was caused by his or her disability. This hearing, a Manifestation Determination Review is needed.

I think that sometimes we are behaving badly too and Manifestation Determination is needed to change it.

For instance, when you are in a bad mood, don’t you ever notice how many crazy maniacs you attract that day? Or when you are smiling and happy, how many wonderful opportunities are presented. Precisely, this is what I mean, whatever you are thinking and believing in, it will in some way materialize. Even big extravagant desires. Here is an example:

One day I was on the phone with the amazing Laura, from joyful-shimmy (go check out her blog). She was telling me how she was manifesting money, by simply asking the universe for more. I was amazed by her results and figured, I have to try this. So right after hanging up the phone, I said, “I really need more money universe, please bring me more money.” I kept chanting this little saying throughout the day. During a moment of walking around the city, I said I want to go to this one particular neighborhood before moving to California and rethink the American Dream.

We moved down different crossroads unpopulated by most new yorkers.  On the way, we looked down on the sidewalk. My boyfriend noticed a money envelope that has been walked on, rained on and untouched. He picked it up. Inside there was $1,000. I said, universe you are too good, thank you. We split the money since I was the guide and he spotted the envelope.

Other situations like this have happened before. I have a written list in my phone of all my desires. I leave it in my phone so I can read through them during downtime. One day I pulled out my list and realized that a majority of them have come true or are in the process of occurring. I am amazed. At one point I didn’t have any of the listed items, now I am being overcome by them. This is like a work call. It gets me going.

Another great tool to use in order to manifest wonderful traits is the tool of affirmations. A list of positive affirmations spoken out loud or to yourself helps reprogram the brain into thinking more positively about yourself and your surroundings. At first, it was really awkward to list out, but with practice, it begins to feel uplifting and powerful.

Here are examples of my own affirmations:

  • I am determined and successful
  • I am a money magnet
  • I am outgoing and adventurous, expanding my comfort zone with ease
  • I am talented and creative
  • I am being blessed with miracles every single day
  • I am going far in life

Overall, you have nothing to lose. It takes the same energy to be negative as it does to be positive. You might as well give it a try and reap some rewards from it.