Teach your Children to Volunteer

Children who are raised in an environment of giving turn out to be well-adjusted, happy adults. Many parents want their children to become compassionate adults. But often, parents do not know exactly where to begin. One suggestion is: parents, teach your children to volunteer.

Lead by Example:

Children who are given the opportunity to volunteer find they inspire joy in others. Moreover, children who volunteer during the holidays have a tremendous impact on those they serve. Volunteering during the holiday season reaps invaluable rewards and builds self-esteem.

Parents who volunteer themselves best accomplish the task of teaching their own children to volunteer. Children feel more at ease and learn faster by following a parent’s example.

Four Steps to Success:

1) Clarify your goals and expectations. Examine exactly why you want your child to volunteer. Ensure you are getting your child involved for the right reasons and not solely to reflect on you within your peer group. Choose a cause that inspires you and your child. Don’t select a charity simply because of convenience.

2) Explain to your children why volunteering is important. Do not include any reason that is centered on third-party perception. Instead, focus on why volunteering–especially during the holidays–is a way to give back to the community like a clothes donation program. Holiday volunteerism has a substantial impact on those in need and its rewards are immeasurable. Additionally, your children will learn what it means to get a “Work Call”. Later in their lives, this sort of discipline-related aspects will definitely prove helpful.

3) Select volunteer activities and opportunities that are age-appropriate. While volunteering for any cause during the holidays builds great character, it must be within your child’s grasp of the world around him. Volunteering at your child’s school, church and neighborhood are ideal because of the familiarity. Children as young as three years of age can only appreciate so much, choose wisely so not to “cheat” your child of the meaning.

4) Choose a child-friendly organization. Many volunteer opportunities become available during the holidays. But not all are universally kid-friendly. Some holiday volunteer activities are simply not for children. They are either above a child’s understanding or inappropriate. Don’t be afraid to ask the organization if children are welcome to volunteer during the holidays. In addition, ask the charity if there are child-specific opportunities that will provide “concrete” examples of what it means to give your time during the holidays.

I really believe that you, and also your children, can manifest or create anything you or they are thinking. Teach them that they can create whatever they’re thinking or dreaming of. So they will be able to determinate to manifest their desires. The phrase “Manifestation Determination” is actually used more frequently. To learn more about what Manifestation Determination is, check out this post, and learn why it matters

Allowing your children to volunteer during the holidays is a great way to raise a compassionate child. But don’t let the stress of the holidays overwhelm and/or undermine your goals. Remember to be patient with your children as they volunteer. Let them make mistakes to learn.

A child that becomes accustomed and comfortable volunteering during the holidays will grow to appreciate all that he learns during each experience. It will not only make him a more compassionate child but hopefully last to adulthood and make him or her a better parent as well. If you can, tell your children, for example, why you want to donate your car to help others. You’ll give a good example and your kids will follow!

To guarantee your child has the best opportunity to learn from volunteering, continue to do so throughout the year. There are ample opportunities for the whole family to take part in charity projects throughout the course of the year. Repetition is an easy way for children to learn, therefore repeat volunteering will benefit your child the most.

Teach your children also that if they can’t afford something, don’t buy it despite the bad examples they are surrounded by. I don’t mean YOU, but our administrations! Explain to them that the American debt ceiling supposedly is a stop-gap measure and Congress should not overspend anything. For many years, the Republicans used the national debt ceiling to benefit themselves and just look at what’s happening now under Trump…

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