The American Debt Ceiling – Again

The debt ceiling is supposed to be a stop-gap measure in that Congress is not supposed to spend more than what they spend. The Republicans, for years, used the debt ceiling to their advantage and try to get measures to offset spending to what they have to borrow, but for some reason, it never works. Then Obama did the same and now Trump is threatening to shut down the Government if there won’t be more money for the wall on the Mexican-American border… What’s happening to the American Debt Ceiling – Again…

But I cannot help but wonder why Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are always on the chopping block. If every taxpayer would look at his or her’s pay stub, you will find that you pay into social security and Medicare, but where does all that money go?

You don’t get social security or medicare until you retire or get disabled. But nowhere on the pay stub do you see a section for defense or the rest of the government. Congress (mostly Republicans) strip money out of these programs, to begin with. This is the reason they say we are going bankrupt.

The other good excuses are immigration and the baby boomers, too many turning retirement age too fast. The problem is that they knew about this problem 30 years ago. When they had a surplus, they siphoned off the funds for other projects. Just like, for example, the airline industry uses a practice called “Dynamic Pricing” to get as much money out of the market as possible at a given time, the U.S. Government is jo-jo-ing the debt ceiling, but only in one direction: UP.

The next excuse they now use is immigrants, illegal immigrants. The biggest reason why you have illegal immigrants in the first place is that big (and small) businesses give them jobs, so they don’t have to pay the full labor and benefit costs. If you take a look at the last thirty years how many businesses have shipped overseas it is for that very fact. Less labor and benefit cost. And though Trump promises to get those jobs back to America, this still remains to be seen… General Motors are shutting down six major production plants in North Ameris, aren’t they? Isn’t this a wake-up and a work call?

Here is an example, I bought a Dodge Ram 2500 which was made in Mexico for 40,000 same amount if the truck was made here in the United States. Why, because companies can make more profit by doing this, there is no regulation saying that if you make the truck in Mexico you have to sell it for that price, no they get to sell it for the same price as if it was built in the States. But for some reason, you can’t go to Mexico and buy that truck.

It’s not the entitlement programs or illegal immigrants, it’s Congress not doing their jobs in a sensible way. When do you hear Congress taking a cut in pay, or cutting back on other federal programs, such as defense, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc? They don’t need to go to job fairs and see if there are any crumbs of the entire pie left for them.

Another issue that has to be brought up, is natural disasters. We know they are coming on strong and yet we never do anything to prepare for them till after the fact. So everybody’s crying foul when you have to appropriate billions of dollars to rebuild. This is another area I could never understand, why not reshape insurance companies to do their jobs, to begin with. It’s simple, Insurance companies don’t like to pay, especially during or after natural disasters. They, in fact, destroy major parts of what once was the “American Dream”.

Yes, I can understand you have to have money upfront to do clean-up and such, but that should be the state’s responsibility, not the federal government. Yes, you should have money in the short term to help individuals who lost everything, but insurance companies should step and take over. They are the ones who can make what happen what they want (see also: Manifestation Determination) but they don’t! Shame on them.

If we plan for the future, instead of just for today, I believe we would be better off.

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