Our love for Supporting Local communities

We are a strong supporter of county Work Ready Communities. I talked with people from local government, economic development, workforce development, community/technical college, K-12 system, and business/industry. When I say we I mean my sister, I and my son.

I work well under pressure. In fact, I always seem to do better on tests, projects, or anything when I have a hardcore cram session, trying to put in as much information in my small brain, or put forth tons of effort toward something physical.

Why is this? I don’t know, it’s just one of the many, yet interesting things about me.

Anyway, along with that project, I had a test today which I could not study for since I didn’t bring my book home over my four day weekend, nor did I even know we were going to have a test. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, the test came.

I’d taken the test and was unsure of how I did. Since I have an IB teacher, she makes her test all short answer, fill in the blank, or true or false. She doesn’t believe in multiple choice so that makes her tests that much harder.

My teacher graded the tests before class was over and she told me I had gotten an A on the tests! In fact, I was second (by just one point) in the only three A’s that were made. I was happy, because that was one task completed… there was more news.

Because the class’ overall average was a ‘B’ she extended the project I was worried about one extra week. So now, I have the weekend, plus 5 days after that to do my dreadful project. I’m not going to fail! It’s weird because just last night, I had my best friend wish me all the luck so that I’d get the things done… and that’s just what I have. I was going to cry tomorrow, knowing nothing would have been done and would have then had the worse mark in the history of my school career. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

So now, I’m wondering.. what saved me? There’s some supernatural force, or person that helped me get through this I’m sure. It sounds crazy, and I don’t want to call the postponing of the project and my ‘A’ on the test a mere coincidence. Something saved me, and I thank whatever that “it” is!

Recently, I was faced with a situation in which my “cram success” was going to be proven inept. If you read the last blog you’ll be informed that I had a lot of work to do that would be due tomorrow and that there was no way I would get it done.

I was elated with the whole issue and disappointed in myself since ultimately, the situation at hand was my fault. The project I have to complete is worth to the equivalent of six test grades, meaning if I were to not have it complete my grade would be so horrible I’d go crazy.

I mean, just imagine since I have excessive hate toward the letter “B” being on my progress reports. I’d cry if I ever received one of those… what can I say, I’m a perfectionist. Well, at least when it comes to my grades. A ‘B’ is just unacceptable in my book, case closed.

Tomorrow Saw 5 comes out. I won’t be able to see it thought because my mom just left for Orlando and I’m home alone for two days. So maybe next weekend? Besides, all my time is going to go into my project so that I don’t procrastinate again. Let’s see how this plays out.

In the meantime… more stuff will be added soon, but from this moment on; school comes first! You should consider allowing it to come first for you too, if not already. Hope all is well!