Improve quality of life thanks to your workout routine

Time to branch out beyond the same old workout routine. Bye-Bye elliptical, I will miss you! For the next thirty days, I am pushing myself to try some new exercises way beyond my comfort zone.

First on the list: Pop Physique. It is a barre class that uses a mat, a ball, and two-pound weight to sculpt your whole entire body. How? Think ballet but on crack. But upon looking at all the raving reviews on Yelp, and close proximity to my apartment, I have to see what it is all about.

Next: Soul Cycle. Nothing scares me more than stationary bikes and really enthusiastic people yelling at me. I want to get away from the crazies not stand still and listen to them tell me how to pedal. Alas, I will succumb to the ever-popular work out of cycling, and see why Bon Jovi loves this drill so much. If I am going to do this, I am going to the best- Soul Cycle, and branch off of the elite Equinox. You can buy sessions at a time, so it makes it easier to test out.

Lastly: Yogis Anonymous. Oh man, I take it back. This is what scares me the most. Why, I have no idea. But I feel that I can seriously injure myself more doing Yoga than I had ever done playing field hockey for six straight years. I am used to fast past, adrenaline pumping workouts. Yoga is the furthest from what I am used to. It Focuses on breathing, stretching, and using only your body to do the work. But again, with raving Yelp reviews and close proximity, this is a place I am willing to test out yoga.

This is going to be an interesting month of July. I will keep you posted on how it all goes; which ones are “Yes! This is awesome” and which ones are “I will never do that again”.

It’s Not My Fault…I’m Hooked on Phonics

Apparently, I’m hooked on phonics. That’s right.  I learned to spell by sounding out the word, scratching down the corresponding letters, then sitting back satisfied that I spelled correctly.

Only, apparently, I didn’t.  I don’t.  Phonics doesn’t account for the differences between affect and effect. (Disclaimer: I don’t know that it’s actually Hooked on Phonics, but that’s what I like to call it).I thought I had this deep, dark secret under control.  The one that (I made up) went something like: ”my brain just can’t grasp the differences”, or “I forgot”, or “I was just typing too fast” (really I just choose whichever seems to make sense at the moment).  But my mom politely outed me and the flaw in my elementary school teachings.  It’s not my fault.

Mom Dot recently posted about this very topic…that and a couple of other things I do.  In the Blog Pet Peeves post, there were lain 20 things that bloggers and blog readers dislike.  So, in an effort to save us all some time and embarrassment, and to improve our relationship with a clearer understanding of each other (and because I’m guessing many of you have already seen this in my posts), I’ve decided to go ahead and point out my blogging flaws.

Check out the list, I’ll wait…….

Now, I’m almost guilty of #9, captchas.  Admittedly I find myself squinting at the computer screen in an attempt to decipher a capital “J” from its lowercase companion.  Apparently, you’re supposed to determine which size of the obviously capital they’re using.  If it’s as large as the definite “N” that’s listed, then it’s capital, but if it’s smaller, it’s supposed to be the lowercase “J”.  Umm… really, I don’t have that much time.  However.  I am not a fan of spam.  I did the next best thing to save my spam sanity and quizzed you instead (have you noticed that).

#14.  Yep.  Did that all last week.  All.  Last.  Week.  Thanks for putting up with my mood.

#15.  What elementary school *did* I go to anyway!  Sigh.

#16.  This is where I’m drawing the line. I’m willing to admit my flaws.  In fact, I admit them all over this blog.  I’m even sometimes willing to admit my husband is right about might have a valid point about a thing or two….BUT, I’m going to use my dots.  I love them.  They give a dramatic pause.  They show when my brain stutters (oh yes, not only does my brain not grasp the differences in spelling, but it also stutters…doesn’t yours?) I like them…they’re not going away…please get used to it.

As for my spelling, I’m working on it.  I have a dictionary sitting next to me at this very moment.  My next move…a good editor (see, dramatic pause).