Donating Clothes – Why it should matter to YOU

It is that time of year again- the seasons are changing and the fall wardrobe is about to come out from storage. Here is my biggest issue, I hold on to things that are dirty, tired, run-down, and have seen better days. That is right, I hold on to items that simply do not make me feel good anymore. The same way I insist on riding my old car that is economical anymore. But think about it. Shouldn’t donating things be an option for you? So let’s talk about donating clothes and why it should matter to you.

Yes, the same with clothes. If you are anything like I am, tossing out clothes, accessories and purses is a really difficult task. There are memories attached to those skinny jeans that haven’t fit in five years. Those stained shirts can be covered by a sweater, right?

I cling to my existing wardrobe like I will never buy a new pair of shoes again. I simply cannot do that anymore. The challenge is on! I am in pursuit of making room for more things to come. Let’s be honest, I don’t even have the closet space to keep all the clothes that I have now. So here is what I am doing: I am emptying out my closet only keep clothes that make me feel good. A great rule of thumb that I heard recently is, if you wouldn’t buy it in a store, then toss it out.

Some of my shoes and clothes are still in great condition, some are extremely expensive. For these items, I have decided to resell them to thrift stores or donate them to shelters. There are plenty of consignment shops that will buy back in season clothes, such as Buffalo Exchange, Beacon’s Closet, and Crossroads. Look up thrift stores and consignment shops in your area. You never know, you may get back some money from your old clothes.

The rest of the used, old, stained clothes are being tossed out. I have already started this process while moving. But I have to take another look at what I kept.  Some items that I hung on to need a revisit, and this time around I am bringing a friend with me. For me, it is way easier to make sound decisions on tossing items when there is a second party involved.

The battle in my head on why I should keep the worn out items doesn’t have as much power when another person is in the room. I mean, the simple disapproving look upon a kind heart friend’s face gives enough leeway to throwing out the junk. Ultimately, with more space for new things, I know somehow the universe will deliver an even better wardrobe. Plus, we all deserve feeling good in what we wear, it is a big component in self-care!