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One of the new “fads” that people are really getting into lately is donating cars to charitable organizations. I mean, I really shouldn’t call it a “fad,” because that could have negative connotations. Which is totally untrue. Just take a close look at the following video that has numerous tips for you if you feel like you should donate your car to a charitable organization:

Donating your cars is actually a great way to give to a charitable organization in a way that will really benefit them, and without you actually having to count your donation in money. If you are looking to find an American car donation location, they are relatively easy to find. Frankly, any organization that you are interested in or invested in will probably take your car.

And who knows, maybe you’ll come across a federal employee that didn’t get his or her paycheck (thank you, Mr. Trump) and would be happy to receive your car as money will be getting tight in many families these days! Please let’s hope, for all those almost eight hundred federal employees, that this real crisis (more of a crisis that we see on our southern border) will be over soon!

There are a number of things they can do with your car. First off, they can use the car for transportation purposes. It is often a hassle on organizations if they have to depend on their members’ cars because it is a burden to their members and a disincentive for the volunteers to help. If they have a car that specifically belongs to the organization, then they can ensure it as a business expense, charge it to the organization, and they can use it for all organization related errands. It is really a great perk and you can reach your goals of helping others.

Now, there is also the possibility that these car donations will not so much be needed for their practical purposes by the organization, so the organization can take the car and sell off the parts for money that they can use specifically for their organization. It’s a little-known fact that if you know where to sell to, you can actually make more money selling the parts of your car rather than selling the car itself. So they will be able to use it as a monetary donation (though prices fluctuate as if it was dynamic pricing) and you will get a tax write off for a charitable donation. It’s a win-win deal for everyone. So as such, there are a lot of places you can donate a car.

Another possibility is that you can donate your car to a mechanic school. It’s similar to donating your spare hair to a beauty school. Mechanics need to practice on something to learn how to fix a car, and they have to be able to fix a car without risking to damage it. As such, if you are a mechanic, a car that you are allowed to pull apart and put back together, like with real work, that you are allowed to make mistakes on, is essential.

If you are looking to make some money off of your car donation (for the receiving party, that is), you should go to any vocational or trade school or any place that trains mechanics, and you can ask them if they will take the car as a donation. They may or may not actually need it, but you can always ask and be sure that they will make good use of these cars. And as stated above, you may also make an unpaid U.S. federal worker happy as long as they’re still not solving the shutdown crisis or understand better how to deal with the American Debt Ceiling which is also getting out of hand under this President.

There are plenty of places in America where you can donate cars. There are plenty of car donation spots in our major cities but also in other parts of the country. Really, any major place is going to have a bunch of these car donation spots, as America has a ton of volunteer and non-governmental organizations that would be more than happy to take your vehicle. If you are looking to find car donations, there are plenty in your area, just look them up or check out job fairs where vocational schools will be present as well!

If you Google car donation in your state, you’ll find some organizations looking for the car, but I suggest asking people you already know if their organization can use it or contacting your local vocational school.

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