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A Work Call

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My heart is pounding. I just got off the phone with a senior government official regarding a work matter. The fact that she’s called me today means that this is a critical issue for the government and for my company.

She said she couldn’t discuss the full matter right now but could she call me back in an hour. I said yes. I then sat back down on the lawn chair and continued to watch my son play in the sandbox with his friend. I’m not officially working today but when you’re a part-time working mom, you know that there is no real “day off.” At any moment you might have to switch gears.…

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When you are looking for work, you will more than likely hit all the usual resources: friends and family, other members of your network, classified ads and job boards. But there is a very important resource you may be missing: job fairs.

Job fairs can either be held in real life or virtually online. They resemble what you might expect to find at a country fair or craft fair expect the vendors are really companies trying to recruit employees. Each company present will have a representative or more on hand to talk about the company, its mission, its style of management and job opportunities. They might have literature to give prospective employees and most will be will to talk with you and take your resume.…

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The times are changing. American’s are no longer wanting to, and in some cases, able to buy everything their hearts desire. Welcome to the shared economy where leasing, borrowing and even selling your spare time can lead to a happier existence.

“The time is right to buy,” advises billionaire finance wiz, Warren Buffet, and clearly this is a big part of the American Dream.  Buy! Buy! Buy!

To be happy and successful, you must own a home.  You must own a car…  and an expensive purse…  and a dog…  and a bike…  and some high-end power tools.

Accurate? I’m not so sure anymore.

In Suzy Orman’s 2012 book (we know she can be a bit irritating at times, but we think she’s nailed this issue on the head) The Money Class:  Learn to Create the New American Dream she announces …

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By far, the biggest value that “value” investing has is that its principles can be applied – successfully – to a broad range of asset classes. It’s a mental and emotional framework that provides a recipe for success. To some, this may be a “duh” moment.

However, the reason I bring this up is that many investors pigeon-hole themselves into only publicly traded common stocks with value investing and ignore potentially fantastic returns in other assets. If you were to look at the portfolio of Baupost Group manager Seth Klarman, you would probably see a broad array of assets, some of which would probably leave you scratching your head a bit. But the mental framework is being applied.…

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Call them mister – South Carolina program aims to boost number of black male teachers at elementary level

Mark Joseph and Barry Tolbert are passionate about becoming elementary school teachers and have learned to ignore the skeptical looks, the discouraging comments about the profession and the fears of low pay.

”Lots of families encourage kids to be doctors and lawyers just to make money,” says Tolbert, 19, of Charleston. ”I think a teacher is the most effective person in America. You don’t hear folks say ‘I look up to my lawyer. My lawyer has done so many things for me.’ But teachers make a difference in lives.”

The young men are in a program developed by Clemson University to address the looming shortage of teachers. This program, though, plans over the next four years to train 240 young black South …

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It is that time of year again- the seasons are changing and the fall wardrobe is about to come out from storage. Here is my biggest issue, I hold on to things that are dirty, tired, run-down, and have seen better days.

That is right, I hold on to items that simply do not make me feel good anymore. The same way I insist on riding my old car that is economical anymore.

The same with clothes. If you are anything like I am, tossing out clothes, accessories and purses is a really difficult task. There are memories attached to those skinny jeans that haven’t fit in five years. Those stained shirts can be covered by a sweater, right?…

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Is your child one of the gifted students are missing out on quality education? Chintan is a “bookish” middle school student. Unfortunately, it is not cool to be “bookish” at his school. He is teased for studying eighth-grade math while still in the seventh grade. Still, even the eighth-grade math is too easy and boring for Chintan. He needs to be challenged to his full potential and surrounded by intellectual peers.  Sadly without help to grow both emotionally and mentally, Chintan will never live up to his potential (Davidson and Davidson 128-129).

Signed into law on January 8, 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was intended to raise the standards of special education. NCLB was created to give underachieving students better educational opportunities, thus closing the achievement gap between the gifted and struggling learners. The United States Department …

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Let’s go back and take a closer look at what business leaders could – and perhaps should – have learned from a remarkable leader, Pope John Paul II.

“Be not afraid,” was one of Pope John Paul II’s favorite sayings, words that should give more leaders the courage and backbone to carry out their mission, says Laura Nash, senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School and co-author of Church on Sunday, Work on Monday.

So many years after the Enron scandal broke, business remains in the throes of corporate scandal. Ethics and moral courage are among the hottest topics. This article highlights some comments from experts for some of the leadership lessons that Pope John Paul II left behind.

Of course, the pope is one tall benchmark. But one quality of a leader is an ability to stretch.…

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We are a strong supporter of county Work Ready Communities. I talked with people from local government, economic development, workforce development, community/technical college, K-12 system, and business/industry. When I say we I mean my sister, I and my son.

I work well under pressure. In fact, I always seem to do better on tests, projects, or anything when I have a hardcore cram session, trying to put in as much information in my small brain, or put forth tons of effort toward something physical.

Why is this? I don’t know, it’s just one of the many, yet interesting things about me.

Anyway, along with that project, I had a test today which I could not study for since I didn’t bring my book home over my four day weekend, nor did I even know we were going to have …

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Frustration and anger are both natural responses. Wise books say that the difference between Frustration and Anger is related to the source. Frustration originates from within and anger is commonly a response towards external conditions.

We are all human, therefore we all come to face situations that will make our blood boil. It’s just part of life. Even the most positive of people will confess to feeling frustrated at times.

So what do we do with the feelings? Kick, scream, and slam doors. You can try this route. Most likely you will have temporary relief followed by a sore foot, a lost voice, and a broken door.

Or you can try a different tactic when taking on anger. Just don’t go there. Simple, not easy.

I love this one quote “All the justified anger in the world is …

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