Anger vs Frustration

Frustration and anger are both natural responses. Wise books say that the difference between Frustration and Anger is related to the source. Frustration originates from within and anger is commonly a response towards external conditions.

We are all human, therefore we all come to face situations that will make our blood boil. It’s just part of life. Even the most positive of people will confess to feeling frustrated at times.

So what do we do with the feelings? Kick, scream, and slam doors. You can try this route. Most likely you will have temporary relief followed by a sore foot, a lost voice, and a broken door.

Or you can try a different tactic when taking on anger. Just don’t go there. Simple, not easy.

I love this one quote “All the justified anger in the world is not going to get a drop of happiness” – Mama Gena

Isn’t that the truth! How often does anger rob you of joy? All of the sudden the only thing your mind can focus on is that single episode that is causing you so much anger. It is like a vicious cycle, the more you get angry the more it is magnified in your mind. And you don’t want to be angry. It is no fun! Plus, have you seen a woman lose her cool? It’s not very attractive.

Here are some great tips I found to prevent a situation turning into a huge meltdown:

Try saying to yourself: It is frustrating and it is understandable that I am upset, but it is not the end of the world and getting angry is not going to fix it. It will only make me more miserable.

Don’t use words never or always when talking about the problem. It just justifies being angry and doesn’t bring a solution.

Try keeping these tips in a place where you can quickly pull them out for Anger Emergencies.

So the countdown begins to the BIG move. And while I am enjoying the last couple months here in the city, this is what I am looking forward to in California.

Besides the obvious friends and family who are out there, here are the perks.

No more mass transportation. Instead, I will be in my own AC/heated car. Which is especially luxurious after getting your hair done, long nights out, or in the event of rain, snow, or a heat wave. To not walk a mile in the rain, or wait hours underground, will be so nice.

The beach out in California isn’t Coney Island.

More space for my money. A closet that will fit my clothes and shoes. A wall between the bedroom and the kitchen, with the possibility of having a dishwasher. And even-maybe-cross-my-fingers a washer and dryer in my own apartment. Heavenly.

Nordstrom. Not Nordstrom rack, but the actual Nordstrom store.

70 degrees and sunny.

Really good Mexican food and… In-n-Out burger, ANIMAL STYLE!

The west coast water and climate automatically does wonders to my skin and hair

Vegas is just a hop, skip, and a four-hour drive away.

Outdoor malls, like Fashion Island.

Slower lifestyle.

And of course my absolute favorite, I can live in my sweatpants and it would be deemed absolutely acceptable.